Can you give an estimated indication for what a product will cost?
We cannot give you any indications on product costing’s as we do not carry out basic searches, in addition even a basic search may take up to several hours.

How do we pay for sourcing fee?
For the sourcing fee, you can deposit directly in to our UK account to help save on transfer fee’s.

What happens if you cannot match my product?
Our ethics is to provide and honest and trustworthy solutions, if we fail to provide you with the results that you were looking for, then it is in the best of your interest not to pursue in this product line or business. In these fortunate circumstances you could consider yourself lucky from choosing us to provide you with the analysis, other companies may instruct you differently to gain more revenue by offering you a not fit for purpose item or products and charging commission on your order value.

Can you transfer the initial sourcing fee to another product?
As we carry out extensive searches on the first product you sought having taken up our valuable effort and time, we do not transfer fee’s to accommodate a failed search for a new search.

What difference is SBS sourcing to me sourcing myself?
First of all we are in China, we can have samples sent to us by next day courier, we can communicate to manufacturers in their own mother tongue to get an in depth understanding of the product, we do not need to wait for business hours or communicate adhoc hours, we do not need to buy several expensive samples and have them shipped overseas to us, we can use that cost to visit several manufacturers before committing to buying samples, we also can oversee the manufacturing process add or amend details to the product at the factory bypassing sales persons up-pricing and do physical spot checks and final quality checks, this is just a small summary of what our presence can do for your business.

Can you help with shipping?
Yes we will help by arranging the transportation of your goods from China to the United Kingdom and also arrange customs clearance and delivery if required.

If you have any other questions we have not covered, please ask.

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