Fee Structure

Our basic fees for sourcing start from as little as £60.00 to £250.00 per item depending on your product and requirements, to get a quote on what the sourcing fee your product will incur, please contact us.

Once you have recruited us we will carry out extensive searches for suitable manufacturers or suppliers eliminating the middlemen or engage with wholesale domestic suppliers to achieve your target price and most importantly match your quality requirements.

By scrutinising or eliminating where necessary in the chain of supply we can provide you with the most suited product and manufacturers in-house after sales support without the need to go through third parties. This extensive search can take up to 1-3 days as local site visits and local supplier markets maybe be traversed.

Once we have found the best suited manufacturer in terms of product reliability, durability and performance vs value we will provide our report with findings which may include photos of premises and our visit, manufacturing practices and company accreditations or verification status granted through accreditation agencies such as Bureau VERITAS, SGS and British Standards.
The basic sourcing fee does not cover major travel expenses.

Re –order fee’s start from £30.00 per item depending on product and time required for quality checks.

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