How My Services Differ From Others

I provide a personalised sourcing service for businesses and individuals here in China. Chinese sourcing agents and trading companies employ several to dozens of sales staff off which are working on commission based salaries. 

Starting £60.00 to £250.00 per item depending on your product and requirements; the individual that is assigned to your query at best will have a basic understanding of spoken English, hence why they often request you to email your query so that they can take their time to understand your requirements.

Let's put into context your requirements;

For example on a basic item like a Pen

‘You require hexagonal in shape, 120 centimeters long with an eraser mounted on top and a pocket clip’

In the west this is a simple requirement for both parties to understand however it will take several emails for Chinese personnel to understand. The example we have given is a pen. What if the product was a bit more complex with several features?

Over a period of time, you and your Chinese salesperson will establish a healthy working relationship which will suddenly come to an end due to resignation, whether personal or health related. Any personal rapport built over the years will be lost along with any personally favored reductions on product prices. Remember that your sales person was commission based and the reductions in prices were favored over the long term individual business relationship you gained with him or her. Now it will be at the discretion of the new sales person what prices they start with and how well they will serve you. Commonly a new sales rep will summon up a legitimate excuse on why the price has gone up, as they stand to gain more on commission the higher the price they can sell to you at. 

Sourcing companies or trading companies practice to provide products within their field of experience. They do not have the know-how or will not recommend other companies which may have a product much more suited to your requirements.

With my 7 years experience of procurement, understanding Chinese culture, business practices along with my previous employment in the areas of electronics, electrical, hydraulics, pneumatic's, product design and manufacture, I am naturally programmed to think outside the box. This in favor to my upbringing in a natural standards based environment understanding products or services all must adhere to a common level of satisfaction able’s me to deploy my skill set when sourcing products for my clients.

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